The Secrets of Being an Outstanding Hotelier

Mastering Hospitality

With Dr. Dietschi’s inspiring and expert guidance, Mastering Hospitality will help you drive your career and leadership development as you continually take on new roles as a hotelier and attain higher-level positions in the business of people. Yet even in these challenging times, the greatest reward is not just to reach the highest company title but to be recognized as a role model: People love how you do the things you do and want to learn from you. Iwan Dietschi will teach you how to adopt this important mindset and the concrete steps you can take:

  • The role of the hotelier: the art of being a true host
  • The 8 leadership principles that determine your success and satisfaction
  • How choosing the right company—and the right mentors—can make or break your career
  • The importance of embracing your company culture—or how to instill a change if necessary
  • Developing business expertise, communication skills, and your leadership style and strengths
  • Sources of education for every stage of your development and the value of a hospitality degree—and when you can rely on your own strengths
  • The importance of innovation and change and how to lead the way

The state of the hotel business is changing enormously. The hotels of today and the future must serve guests who may have new and different concerns and needs. But the principles of being the consummate hotelier are the same, and more essential than ever. Iwan Dietschi is the perfect guide to help you make your vision, your mission, and your dreams reality.

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A Few Insights from Managing Hospitality

On the heart of the business

There are many ways in our business to be proactive and innovate as part of the broader mindset. One important aspect that will never go away, though, and will become even more important with a more digitalized world, is the personal touch, the competence of the employees, inspiring leadership, and the ability and willingness to create exceptional memories.

On the environment you create

Everyone needs to constantly be thinking about how the customer’s experience would be without any furniture, without any artwork on the walls or a beautiful view. How would the guest experience the hotel if it solely relied on the interactions with the staff?

On engaging with guests

At every experience point an employee should take the first step to engage with guests empathically to welcome and assist them. Think of hoteliers as if they are carrying guests on a soft pillow throughout their stay. The expert hotelier makes the guest feel like they are the most important person in the world, protected and safe.

On inspiring your team

People will never forget when you voluntarily step forward, support, contribute and assist others. It can be simple things, like giving a lending hand to one of your server colleagues, a housekeeper who is in need of more supplies that you can quickly fetch for them, or anyone who would love to see you because you naturally make them feel good about themselves.

On career decisions

Do not get distracted by a great offer with more responsibilities and higher pay if it does not fit in your development plan…To achieve your fullest potential based on your personal brand, your vision and mission, you absolutely need to join the company that can support you in your quest to achieve your goals.

On creativity

I want you to have the courage to think differently and to speak up. Creativity means failing from time to time as well, but that should not deter you or anyone from continuing to try out new ideas. The more you do it, the better you will become.